Deep Moisturizing

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Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

CODE: E006

Price: $38.00

For all skin types Function: Fine and mild cream; remove dirt and cosmetic residue gently; locks in moisture; makes skin feel moisturized. Ingredients: Water, almond oil, 1.3butanediol, capric/caprylic triglycerides, HoHoBa extract, C16/18 alcohol, squalane, sea...[more]

Deep Moisturizing Massage Cream

CODE: E008

Price: $50.00

For all skin types Function: Rich in almond essence that can convert into moisture upon touch with skin; feels smooth, not greasy; deeply moisturizes and whitens skin; improves skin’s oxygen supply to make skin look ruddy and bright healthily. Ingredients: Glycerol,...[more]

Moisturizing and Softening Tonic

CODE: E007

Price: $74.00

For all skin types Function: Soft and gentle liquor; rich in trace elements and juicy peach essence; multiplied moisture and brightness; integrated effect of relief, moisturizing and tenderness; balance and maintain skin’s micro-ecologic environment to restore it to fine,...[more]

Moisturizing system

CODE: E011

Price: $190.00

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Moisturizing system takes advantage of break-through double function teachnology in instantly and eeply moisturizing skin to develop instant moisture look and sustainable moisturizing fuction, and works with intensive natural moisturzing extract to enhance brightening ability...[more]

Moisturizing Water Cream

CODE: E009

Price: $73.00

For all skin types Function: Fine and soft cream; unique conversion formula to make skin feel watery; good ductibility, absorbability and penetrability; improves dry skin by supplementing moisture constantly to make skin look tender and smooth. Ingredients: Glycerol,...[more]