Slimming Treatment

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Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream (300 ml/9 FL.OZ)

CODE: K006

Price: $35.00

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Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream Usage: Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream helps refine and reshape your silhouette and give the body a more toned, defined and firmer appearance. Direction: Before application, place a hot towel on the desired area for two to three minutes. Then...[more]

Slimming Soap (150 g/5.29 OZ)

CODE: K008

Price: $16.00

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Slimming Soap Usage: It contains the essence, rare element of seaweed from deep ocean and is powerful in reducing weight. Improving dejection while cleansing your skin caused by strong osmosis. The formula is insensitive to skin. Direction: Hands overlap on abdominal...[more]

Super Slimming Fat Reducing Gel (300 ml/9 FL.OZ)

CODE: K005

Price: $40.00

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Super Slimming Fat Reducing Gel Usage: Contains fat decomposition can easily burn up the fat inside your body. Which part of your body want to slim, just rub it & it slim down, you can see the instant result once you apply. It even can help to get rip off your...[more]