Slimming Treatment

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Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream (300 ml/9 FL.OZ)

CODE: K006

Price: $35.00

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Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream Usage: Sea-Weed Fat Reducing Cream helps refine and reshape your silhouette and give the body a more toned, defined and firmer appearance. Direction: Before application, place a hot towel on the desired area for two to three minutes. Then...[more]

Super Slimming Fat Reducing Gel (300 ml/9 FL.OZ)

CODE: K005

Price: $40.00

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Super Slimming Fat Reducing Gel Usage: Contains fat decomposition can easily burn up the fat inside your body. Which part of your body want to slim, just rub it & it slim down, you can see the instant result once you apply. It even can help to get rip off your...[more]