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Acne Lancet

Cod.artículo: M007

Precio: $4.00

Never try to pick or squeeze spots as it bruises the skin and may cause scarring. To minimize damage to your skin an effective way to remove blackheads, just simply place the loop end over the top of the blackhead and gently press.

Acrylic Mask Brush

Cod.artículo: M004

Precio: $5.00

The perfect brush for applying facial masks, smoothing masks or rehydrating masks.

Eyelash Curler

Cod.artículo: M006

Precio: $6.00

Make Up Set

Cod.artículo: M013

Precio: $20.00

Nail Scissors

Cod.artículo: M009

Precio: $5.00

Soften nails by soaking before trimming. Cut straight across to prevent ingrowns.

Professional 10 Piece Nail Kit

Cod.artículo: M010

Precio: $32.00

Leather-look travel case elegantly tucks ten personal care essentials into a pocket-sized package! Ideal manicure kit for busy travelers, executives or anyone who knows the value of looking and feeling great

Salon Boards 7" medium 2-way

Cod.artículo: M011

Precio: $5.00

SPA Ceramin Nail File

Cod.artículo: M012

Precio: $6.00


Cod.artículo: M008

Precio: $4.00

Stainless Steel Perfect size for make-up bag and travel with hand-finished slant tips and no-slip grip